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Beloit Hosts a Timeless Celebration

On Saturday, August 6, over 900 people gathered on the front lawn of the Beloit (Wisc.) Plant facility to celebrate 125 years of success!

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A sunny, 80 degree day called for a plant-wide picnic, good food and great company. The team paused all operations to host a roast featuring Austin Blues® smoked chicken, live music, bingo, inflatable games and contests for all ages.


A popular part of the event was the dunk tank where various management members volunteered to be dunked for the 2016 United Way campaign. Talk about making a splash!


The celebration continued as the team unearthed a time capsule buried 25 years ago during the 100th Anniversary celebration. Uncovering documents, snapshots and a newspaper from July 9, 1991, the Beloit team reflected on how much they have accomplished in the last 25 years. In 1991, the Beloit Plant ran 132 million pounds of finished product and now, 25 years later, they are at 203 million pounds and growing!

Hats off to the Beloit Plant team and their timeless celebration! Here’s to another 25 years of small victories and big celebrations!