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Find A Food Truck

We had five brands with food trucks scheduled to be in Austin Thursday morning and Friday afternoon for our 125th Anniversary events and were faced with the conundrum – food, trucks and time – what could we do to give back to our community? The answer – a Food Truck Frenzy.

The premise of the event was simple; clues to where we would hide the trucks were posted on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts in the weeks leading up to the event. The community would take those clues and search. Upon discovery of the food trucks, they had the opportunity to sample Jennie-O® turkey, Applegate® meats, Muscle Milk® shakes, Hormel ®Black Label® bacon and SPAM® products. They were also encouraged to take a selfie with the food truck.

Participants that shared their selfies online with #Hormel125 were entered for a chance to win a Hormel Foods prize pack. After the event, we decided 5 winners wouldn’t be enough and announced that we’d award 20 after seeing how many awesome photos were submitted.