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When we began thinking about fun ways to celebrate our 125th Anniversary a few months ago, we spent a lot of time thinking of ways to say all of the various things we think Hormel Foods stands for. And then, like in the cartoons, a light bulb turned on over our heads.

We realized that this wasn’t a job for just one department – it was a task that all of our employees should have a say in. So we created a survey for our coworkers and sent it out. The answers quickly streamed in and we spent far too much time reading them all, but we couldn’t help ourselves because they were all so great!

For the past few weeks we have been sharing these brilliant answers out one at a time on our Twitter account, @HormelFoods, but for all of our non-Twitter friends out there, we figured it was time to compile and showcase this project, dubbed #125ReasonsWeLoveHF. The HF stands for Hormel Foods and the 125 stands for the 125 days of our 125th Anniversary. Clever, right?

Without further ado, we present a compilation of our #125ReasonsWeLoveHF: