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The Evolution of a Logo

A logo is the face and visual representation of a company and can convey a unique identity and culture. Over the years, the Hormel Foods logo has evolved in different ways to represent our company and products.

In 1891, when the company began, a uniform logo was not always being utilized. However, most products had Geo. A. Hormel & Co. on them, with the tagline Pork Packers and Provision Dealers. Over time, a company-wide logo developed, showcasing Hormel and a new tag line – Good Food.

In 1964, the parsley sprig made its first appearance on our logo and it still remains today. In 1993, the Geo. A. Hormel & Co. company name was officially changed to Hormel Foods Corporation. When our current logo was introduced in 2007, the company’s full name was utilized to acknowledge the growth from a small town meatpacker to a global consumer goods company.

1993 Logo change in annual report
Photo: Inside cover of the 1993 annual report to investors explaining our name change.