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Inspiring Employees

Taking the rare opportunity to assemble our corporate and sales employees in the same place, we celebrated our 125th anniversary by bringing inspiring guests to speak and announcing our new purpose for the next 125 years: Inspired People. Inspired Food.

Employees had the chance to mingle with each other, enjoying a variety of photo booths, live music, food trucks and activities.

Once inside, CEO Jeff Ettinger and COO Jim Snee started a factual presentation of year by year financials from 1891. Not to worry, the One Man Pep Band – featured earlier this year in a Hormel® pepperoni campaign – was there to save the day. Soon the entire auditorium was singing along to “My Pepperona.”

Kicking off a revitalized presentation, they took the first company selfie.

0160728 SneeEttinger Selfie

Ettinger looked back at the progress the company has made during the last 25 years. Airing interviews with previous company leadership and reminiscing on his time with the company. Then, Snee took the stage to give examples of how the company is living its cultural beliefs. To inspire our employees, he invited special guests to speak about the company’s impact on their lives – illustrating why results matter. These guests included:

  • a patient who relied on Hormel Vital Cuisine® during chemotherapy;
  • a recent high school graduate who has been working full time in one of our plants;
  • a family whose farm has supplied the company for multiple generations; and
  • a child from the company’s malnutrition relief initiative in Guatemala, Project SPAMMY®.

Snee finished his presentation by announcing the company’s new purpose: Inspired People. Inspired Food.

Ending the afternoon with laughs, the emcee brought groups of employees on stage to participate in Jeopardy and Family Feud style games.

20160728 game show